rr_thumb2Ruth Rosenhek
Psychotherapist / Counselling
Compassionate Therapy and Support

* Support clients through life transitions, work-related issues, relationship issues (individuals & couples) and self-renewal

* Work with people who experience anxiety, depression, childhood/current trauma and stress. Also work with children ages 9 and up.

* Nurture self-renewal, broadening of identity and paradigm shift, self realisation

* Work with queer and LGBTI friendly. I am interested to support alternative and marginalised people

I offer in-person counselling in Lismore, NSW. This includes coaching, support, mentorship, counselling and psychotherapy as well as debriefs and support on challenging meetings or group dynamics. The fee is sliding scale from $55-$110 based on your ability to pay.

I am also available as an experienced facilitator of organisation and community meetings to debrief, work with challenging group dynamics, vision and strategy sessions. (MS Organisational Management, Antioch NE).

I work with the here-and-now in a relational manner. This means we work with what is in the room. I am influenced by Gestalt and Existential therapies, Mindfulness, Somatic (body-centred) awareness and Eco-psychology.

for the Earth

Ruth Rosenhek
Masters of Applied Social Sciences (Counselling)
Master of Science Organisational Management
Cert IV Telephone Counselling,
Bachelor of Arts Psychology

PACFA Registered #22865
WorkCover Provider #17113
Medibank Provider A092221L
ABN 87 616 483 305

I acknowledge and pay my respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners of this country throughout Australia, to Elders both past and present and to their culture and connection to land, water and community. 

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  1. Ahh beautiful Ruth- and I so enjoyed your delivery this morning. How blessed we all were to experience Bentley. Great thanks for your long months of consistent work and for the wise, gentle, nurturing and empowering light you shone upon all proceedings. Blessings!

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