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Times of Transition

The aftermath of a long stint at Bentley has me thinking about the challenges of transition times in our lives, particularly those that take reserves of patience and perseverance. Some situations seemingly drag on and on: relationship breakups, recovery from … Continue reading

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Managing Persistent Unwanted Thought (PUT) Patterns

Managing Persistent Unwanted Thought (PUT) Patterns Ever struggle with repetitive thought patterns? Some repetitive thoughts have their place. It might be that it isn’t until the 20thtime through that a new solution arises. On the other hand, perhaps there is … Continue reading

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Weeding the Garden

10 February 2014 There is an area of my garden that is filled with weeds, mostly farmers friend (bidens pilosa), but there are also a few newcomers I noticed this morning. I weeded this area just a few months ago … Continue reading

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Go Forth Gently (Reflections on the Aftermath of Bentley)

Well thanks all around, to the Traditional Owners of this land, to Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, to Knitting Nannas, to mom and dads and children, locals and travellers, farmers, business people, hippies and ferals, freaks and queers, gay and straight, young, … Continue reading

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Ruth Rosenhek Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator Compassionate Therapy and Support * Support clients through life transitions, spiritual emergence, world grief and self-renewal * Work with people who experience anxiety, depression, trauma and issues related to body image, eating disorders, menopause … Continue reading

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